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I’m Anna, I’m a marketing consultant based in Tavistock and I specialise in client listening programmes. My mantra is ‘happy clients buy more, stay with you longer and recommend you to others’ so it’s really important to make sure your clients are, indeed, happy!

How I can help you with client listening...

Whether you’re in a B2C or B2B business, a positive customer experience is crucial to gaining, and retaining clients.


Let’s start with the value a client listening programme adds to your business:


  • You’ll increase revenue from existing clients

  • It identifies advocates who will recommend you to others (free marketing!)

  • It enables you to identify future sales opportunities

  • You can identify clients who aren’t completely satisfied so you can deal with any niggles before they turn into complaints

  • You’ll gain a wealth of material and insight you can use to attract new clients


Why do you need Client Listening?

You may be thinking ‘I already know my clients are happy’ but have you asked all of them, or just the ones you know will give you a positive review? It is from the less than perfect reviews that the biggest opportunities to improve arise. It may feel uncomfortable to ask and that’s where I come in – to help you get a balanced view from your clients.


You may say ‘I don’t need a client listening programme, we have a very low turnover of clients.’ Sorry to break it to you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your clients are completely satisfied. Switching provider can be a time-consuming process so some clients may keep the status quo because it’s too much hassle to switch. That’s not a good place to be!


You can also use client listening to research your brand perception in the marketplace, not just with clients but also with prospects and referrers, to help you inform your future marketing activities and to assess the viability of new products or services.

"Anna recently conducted a valuable piece of perception research as part of an audit for a new client. She interviewed a number of customers and prospects and uncovered valuable, and actionable insight into my client’s strengths and areas for development. Anna is professional and I would definitely recommend her to others." 
Paul Stevenson, WTWS


About Me

My background is in professional services – I worked in-house at large accountancy firms Deloitte and BDO, where I was responsible for their ‘Exceptional Client Service’ agenda. I now work with clients in the public, private and charity sectors to help them find out what their clients are thinking, and how they’re feeling so they can ensure they’re delivering an excellent client experience.


We can work together in a couple of ways. Firstly, through my client listening packages which give you access to my online platform which aggregates data from a number of sources and allows you to easily identify where you need to take action. These packages are a cost-effective way to integrate client listening into your business, more detail can be found here. Otherwise we can work together to devise a bespoke client listening programme to suit your business.


However we work together, I take a collaborative approach and I’m committed to helping my clients to understand the insight they gather and use it in a way which will growth their business through both client retention and attraction.


"Anna is an expert in her field and has the personal qualities I look for: integrity, professionalism and furthermore, she’s fun to work with. A great ambassador and a friend. She recently helped me with a membership survey and her expertise was invaluable."

John Harvey, The Samphire Club


It would be great to hear from you

I send out a monthly communication called ‘The Happy Client’ which offers advice and tips on all things client listening and client experience, if you’d like to join my community of subscribers, please click here. You can also find me on LinkedIn and Instagram.

Outside work you’ll find me refereeing my two young sons, attempting to paddle board, exercising on Dartmoor and indulging in the odd glass of wine!


I’d love to learn more about your business, and if you’d like to hear more about client listening and how it can help you, please feel free to book a discovery call or drop me an email. 

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