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Plymouth, Devon

Content Creation, Video Production, TV Advertising, Media Planning, Media Buying, Video Marketing, Live Streaming

What do we do?


We're end-to-end video specialists - creative production experts with the know-how to get your content seen. As a production company a lot of our turnover comes from advertising agencies where we pitch and win a few commercial projects a year that go out on linear and addressable television.

When we’re not working with agencies we work directly with clients, avoiding competing with our friends by delivering creative ideas for corporate and education partners that are less likely to be working with an agency, or on TV commercials for smaller brands who might not feel they can afford one.

Projects vary but as well as commercials can include corporate case studies, product launches, live streaming, social advertising, tutorials, training and explainers, recruitment content, recipe videos and more.

As well as billing by project we offer clients and agencies a  subscription model which has a pretty sizable discount from list price. What you get each month varies by client - some want a day shooting talking heads each month, for others it could mean editing a batch of user generated video.

It's a minimum 6 month commitment but it's really great value if you know you’re going to need a lot of content and the vast majority opt to continue on a rolling basis. As well as the savings, clients also get the benefits of a closer relationship than you might form through ad-hoc projects. Being embedded with a client means better brand knowledge, more time saved and better results.

It’s been good for cash flow too and having that peace of mind has allowed us to invest in equipment and people.

We handle the vast majority of production (producing, shooting, lighting) and post-production (editing, colour, VFX) in-house but we’ll outsource where required and have decades-old relationships with some of the best freelancers and kit hire facilities in the country.

What’s my background?

I moved to Plymouth from Brighton in the second half of 2019 to be closer to family - good timing in some senses with what 2020 brought to the table, but it was a struggle facing a lot of productions shutting down and it's been hard to meet local businesses during a year and a half of lockdowns.


To that end a lot of our regular clients are still based in London, Brighton and Milton Keynes but I'm keen to spend less time on the road. Prior to running this business I was a freelance producer for economics-focused documentaries on CNBC, CNN, BBC World and Bloomberg. I did some political writing abroad and then worked in development and on set for some high profile commercials including Land Rover and IKEA.

What’s next?

I’d love to spend more time locally. Plymouth is the best place I’ve lived and it seems silly to call it home but work elsewhere. We’ve thankfully had some big projects this summer and the invoices are starting to get processed. As a result I’m balancing caution and optimism for a path into 2022. My aim is to set up a film studio here in the city with a kitchen facility for food and drink content, a drive-in space for automotive shoots, a lab for testing ideas and techniques. I’m also discussing setting up a paid residency for young video talent in the city and providing them access to our facilities and equipment. Video should be for everyone so it makes sense to open as many doors as possible.