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John Brown: CEO and Founder of Don't Cry Wolf

Why brands have to care.

John Brown is a dad to two, a husband to one and the founder of Don't Cry Wolf, the B Corp certified brand activism agency. He is a relentless advocate of businesses being a tremendous part of solving some of society's biggest problems. He is the chair of the PRCA Misinformation in the Climate Crisis working group and has been a campaigner for more transparent campaigns from brands that are looking to shout about green credentials. John is also an Ambassador for the B Corp movement and advises brands on their ESG approach. He's worked with brands such as Virgin, Green Chef, Elvie, Meridian, Lucozade Suntory, and Meridian on campaigns and strategy.

When it comes to social and environmental accountability, some businesses talk the talk, but not everyone knows how to successfully stride ahead. John Brown, CEO and Founder of Don’t Cry Wolf is leading the way as a shining example of how it’s possible for a business to balance profit with people and planet.

Don’t Cry Wolf is a branding and communications consultancy for brands who values align and who want to communicate authentically with audiences. It’s partially why, after a period of substantial growth in environmental and social change client base, Don’t Cry Wolf repositioned itself as “The brand activism agency”. It was awarded full B Corp certification in 2019 and its ongoing pledges to the world and the people in it (check out the website) are transparent and meaningful.

“We’re a proud B Corp certified agency but B Corp is not a value, it doesn’t define a brand, it is a framework for assessing the efficacy and excellence of a brands actions and commitment to the planet people and society” says John.

“Being a B Corp does not make you a good business. Or a more profitable one. What it does is give a structure to measuring a triple bottom line organisation and some evidence that the organisation is willing to be scrutinised. If businesses and brand guardians believe in doing business differently and are committed to a fairer, safer, and healthier world with a positive relationship between industry and society then B Corp provides an excellent opportunity for effectively measuring your work and keeping you honest”.

John is unabashedly vocal and passionate about the campaigns he believes in “I am utterly convinced that more businesses being part of the B Corp community and committing to its framework will dynamically change the fabric of business”

John advocates, honesty, empathy, and exceptional content as key in creating a connection between brands and their audiences. Our values (be obsessed with honesty, listen carefully, embrace vulnerability, dismiss ambiguity, disrupt confidently) are at the heart of Don’t Cry Wolf, like they should be for any brand.

Prepare to be fully engaged as John Brown expands on ‘Why brands have to care’.

Important Note

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Jane Pierce from Harissa PR in Plymouth who put this profile of John together. It's hugely appreciated Jane, thank you.

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