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Level up your social media strategy with content pillars

Sitting down in front of your laptop to create social media content for your job or business can be tricky, there’s no denying it. What do you post? Will your audience like it? Does it suit the brand you’re creating content for? This is where content pillars come in.

Content pillars are essentially the bare bones – the skeleton, if you will – of your social media strategy. They’re a means of organising your content (and thoughts) to make planning content slightly more straightforward and are the topics that your content will centre around and discuss on your social media and wider marketing channels. Content pillars will serve as the basis of your content creation, supporting you to come up with new ideas and organising them into the categories that your audience are interested in.

When deciding your content pillars, it is best to focus on 3-5 pillars; this prevents you from creating lots of different content that may be disjointed and stray away from your overall aims on social media. It keeps things concise and it keeps things organised. Content pillars that may work for your social media are:

  • Promotional – this shouts about your brand, product or service, or shares details of an offer or promotion you’re running

  • Community – this references something that’s happening within the community that your brand is involved with or interested in (e.g. an event or donation)

  • Engagement – this encourages your audience to interact with your post, such as via a poll on your story or a post that calls for a reaction as a vote

  • Educational – this teaches your audience something, maybe interesting information relevant to your niche or the benefits of your products’ ingredients

  • Entertainment – this could be a meme or similar posts that humour your audience

That being said, don’t feel as though you need to be rigid with your content pillars. Content pillars serve as guide to benefit you, not hinder you. If a piece of content covers multiple pillars or perhaps is slightly different to your usual pillars, you shouldn’t refrain from posting it.

A few ways to use content pillars to your advantage are:

  • Keep a note of each pillar and add your content ideas under heading. You can keep updating this as you think of content ideas and refer to it when sitting down to complete your all-important content planning

  • Use Analytics to inform which pillars perform best with your audience

  • If you’re a business owner, you could partner with a social media manager to help you devise, develop and implement your pillars and the content to go alongside them

My name is Mel and I’m the founder of Pythia Digital, a freelance social media management agency working with small and medium businesses in Devon & Cornwall to cement your spot on your chosen social media platforms. Working as an extension of your team, let’s see what we can achieve together – there’s 10% off all packages in July! Get in touch via the channels below for a free, no obligation chat.



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