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Why It Makes Sense For Marketers To Build Their Own Audience

Updated: Mar 10

Less than 5% of first-time visitors to your website make a conversion, this figure may rise as you drive visitors to your site through specific campaigns. However, most visitors to your site will just be browsing, they’re interested in what you're doing or offering but it’s just not the right time for them to buy or choose your services.

Sometime in the future they’ll have a requirement, and they may come back to your website or they may not, unless you encourage them. You need to tell those visitors what you want them to do next before they leave your site.

This may be your one and only chance to persuade them.

To do this you need a hook, a Call to Action that attracts the attention of the viewer and is perceived as worthy of a click and perhaps an exchange of information in return for something of value.

This is where great content can be used to help move prospects through the sales funnel. By adding an email capture block to the key pages of your website, you can build your own audience through subscriptions to your blog or enewsletter or downloads from your ebook or views of your webinar. By capturing their email address (i.a.w the GDPR) you can keep those people informed and up to date with your news, progress or new products and services.

Campaign Landing Pages Another consideration is to drive traffic to a dedicated page on your website called a campaign landing page or Lead Magnet; this is where you promote the offer in a way that maximises the chances of a conversion.

A good landing page (or Lead Magnet) will make the difference between a conversion and a bounce. It should consist of a visual related to the offer, a strong headline, a brief reason describing the benefits and value on offer with a clear and concise, a Call to Action (CTA) e.g. download our ebook or register for our free webinar and a contact form to capture visitor information in exchange for the offer.

One tip to keep your audience focused is to remove any of the standard top navigation tabs from your landing page to prevent page visitors from clicking away from the offer.

Not every visitor will sign up but those who do can be persuaded through email nurturing to return to your site on a regular basis increasing the chances that they’ll buy from you.

As you build your list you can start to segment, or group your audience based on their needs. This enables you to customise your messages with laser precision and add value to your offer, rather than wasting time targeting everyone and satisfying no one.

Over time additional information can be gathered through marketing touch points along the way providing a clearer picture of the needs and wants of your audience helping you to understand the type of content they may be interested in receiving.

Owning your audience and introducing an email marketing plan enables a proactive

approach to marketing to an audience that has shown an interest in what you have to offer.

Surely that makes more sense than just hoping people click through to your site from the search results or buying irrelevant data lists of people who don’t even know you?


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