• Matt Swain

Why you should pay attention to personal branding

You have a personal brand; whether you realise it or not. You see, you're known for talking about certain topics, have an individual speaking tone, and specific style of outfits you're always wearing.

You want to be known for that friend who is always there for someone. That trustworthy individual. The guy who loves the gym. The list goes on. Therefore you are subtly creating a personal brand. They're not just for celebs and Tik Tokers.

So the question then becomes, how can you elevate that personal brand of yours.

One word: content.

Content across social media is going to allow you to build a stronger presence, where more people know you for these things. This really is the key and the most important factor. But everyone talks about this, it's not new.

But what follows is unique so that's what I wanted to focus on.

A stronger presence is great, but you also want to build a distinct, powerful personal brand. This requires more thought. It's not just *what* you share online, but *how* you share it. There's lots of competition online, so if you want to be the 'go-to person for X' you're going to need to mix things up.

This is why you need to take a holistic view to personal branding...

It’s about whether you wear a watch or not, the choice of font on your IG story, the style of your WhatsApp messages, whether you hug or handshake when you meet someone, how you sign off emails, word choices & phrases you frequently use, colour palettes of your clothes. It's literally every single touch point with the world you have - in-person and online.

You want to be memorable, and stick in people's minds. You want to be thought of when someone is thinking of experts in your field. Content is great but even better still is being so unique that you stand above the rest. We are all intrinsically unique... it's simply about leaning into the things that make you, well YOU.

Because these tiny elements compounded across content that reaches millions is what is ultimately going to make you different. Make you stand out.

To help you think about what makes you different, here are some prompts:

  • Choose an unusual outfit/fashion trait you will be known for (I tuck my white socks into my trousers)

  • Choose a couple of words/phrases that you become known for (I use 'yo' and 'sick' a lot)

  • Choose a level of formality that suits you and apply this across your conversations, emails, messages, and content (I like casual and informal)

  • Identify a quirk you have/maybe ask your friends and start playing into that.

To clarify this isn't about creating a fake persona - this is tapping into who you truly are, what makes you different and making it come alive instead of shying away from it. This way people don't just buy into your content, they buy into you.

If you start incorporating these into your content online and real-world interactions, you'll be the next Elon Musk or Kanye West in no time. Just you wait and see.

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