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Torquay, Devon

Branding, Design, Publishing, Content Creation, Website Design & Management, SEO

At QUAY Media, we craft high-quality, visually striking designs that quickly and effectively communicate our clients’ message and brand identity. Our approach is passionate, personalised, and dedicated to helping businesses stand out in a crowded marketplace.


The QUAY Media team have two decades of design experience, and a proven track record of delivering eye-catching designs and attention-grabbing marketing campaigns that are individually tailored to our clients and dedicated to helping them grow.


We understand the ambitions and the vision that business owners have, and we help make their aspirations a reality through our positive, creative process built on collaboration!


Our specialism is providing high-quality design, digital marketing, visual media, and brand identity services for clients across a wide variety of industries. All our services are thorough, versatile, and easily customised to each client’s need.


We pride ourselves on our multi-faceted approach — from delivering confident and persuasive copywriting, stunning visual media in the form of photography, videography, and graphic design, right through to logo creation, the production of glossy publications, premium-quality website design, and more.


And because our clients are active across a range of platforms - from company blogs and social media pages, through to professional websites and online and offline publications - we are highly experienced in crafting quality, bespoke content that will engage your ideal customer, whatever your chosen platform.


No matter your industry, we can craft a message and a marketing campaign to suit YOU!

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