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The speakers and workshop hosts

No one wants to go to an event where the speakers are boring, and the information they pass on is rubbish. That would just be a horrible waste of time for everyone, and no one would ever want to come back to future events. 

So we're over the moon to announce this year's lineup of speakers and workshop hosts. This truly sets the bar. 

If you haven't got your ticket yet, you're going to want to get it after you see the lineup below. 

I'll be announcing people every few days, building up some excitement. We'll be doing some interviews with the speakers in the lead-up to the conference too, so you get to hear from them before they even get up to talk. 

I really hope you enjoy the conference. 


The afternoon session will see 3 really engaging, interesting and high-quality speakers talking to you. Each of them are experts in what they do. Some you will have heard of before. Others, you may not have. But they will each tell you something that's going to improve what you do. 

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Joyann Boyce

CEO/Founder of Arima & Co

John Brown
Founder of Dont Cry Wolf

John Thornton
Social Media Manager at

innocent drinks

Joyann will be discussing the importance of diversity in marketing, of not just having photos on your website or social media of 40 year old white guys, and passing on some tips and advice to help you make your marketing more inclusive. 

Find out more about Joyann
By Harissa PR

Don't Cry Wolf is a brand activism agency, and John, the founder is a larger than life personality that everyone is going to really love listening to. He's going to be talking about "why brands have to give a shit", and we can't wait!

Everyone's heard of innocent drinks, and everyone normally loves their social media posts - from the small woolly hats on their bottles, to the posts about the colour blue and the Eurovision Song Contest. John will be telling you how to write the best social media posts and avoid getting fired! 

Find out more about John
By Harissa PR

Workshop hosts


Jonathan's workshop title is "How your brand will improve your marketing". During his session, you will learn how your brand will make your marketing more effective and efficient. You'll leave with practical advice to take back to your office. 


Jaye and Elliot will be discussing "Five essential Google tips for your business". Launch, a leading SW Google Partner agency takes you through five ways to help your business get found online by your customers.


Florence will be passing on her advice on "What to include in your PR press kit, and how to build it". Very few companies actually put enough thought into what should go into their press kit, and once you have it, what to actually do with it!


Jon's workshop will cover "how to write blogs that rank on Google (for fun and profit)". Jon will run a live demo of how to create a content calendar of blogs, articles, and downloads that will generate relevant visitor traffic from Google to your website. You’ll learn the secrets to perfect preparation, see live demos of the free tools the professionals use and learn how to structure your content for maximum impact on Google.


Lis and Katy will discussing "ESG - tools and tips to help your marketing & communications activity". This is going to be particularly interesting for those of you who are thinking about or actually embarking on your new ESG journey.


Kate will be looking at "digital marketing trends" –  a deep dive into the next 12 months and beyond, discovering how tech is going to impact on digital marketing and ways to get ahead of the curve on the newest and latest developments.

Bonus Workshop!

I'm delighted to announce a bonus workshop, which will run during lunchtime for those people who would like to attend. Leigh and Kayleigh's workshop will show you how your brand (or brands that you may be working with) can harness the power of targeted TV with AdSmart from Sky. Come and see how numerous brands across the South West are using targeted TV to land their message into relevant Sky households only, on a cost per view basis and for as little as £3k.


Before the afternoon session, there'll be the chance to hear from top notch marketing experts, who'll be delivering workshops on a wide range of different topics.


In future years, those attending the conference will have the opportunity to pick the subjects that will feature in the workshops. These will all be packed with information, advice and tips that will impress those back at the office (and hopefully help you get that pay rise you deserve!). 

You'll only get to attend 3 of these 6, but don't worry, we'll be filming them, and you'll get access to the videos of the ones you missed after the conference finishes. 

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