The Social Planner

Here at The Social Planner, you as a person as well as your business is a vital piece of information that we want to know. Everything you are is entwined in what you do and we love the opportunity to fact find and find out what makes you tick. Once we have that information, we can better understand your business.

It’s only fair that you then also know a bit about me….


I’m Jade and for those that meet me, know that I put my heart and soul into everything I do. I’m passionate about my business and that means I am passionate about yours too. I’ve been building my agency during Lockdown based off a love for Digital Marketing.

I am surrounded by incredible talent here in Plymouth, not just in my industry but all industries and the fact that you’ve stopped to glance at this profile is wonderful, thank you.


Social Media Management

You tell us what you want your audience to see, we’ll do the rest. We’ll know what social media platforms they use, and how to create a strategy accordingly. Our approach ensures your brand’s digital presence is optimised for conversion and guaranteed exposure. Let us do the work while your business reaps the rewards. We combine the way you think and speak about your brand in order to customise a social media management strategy that is perfectly aligned with your business goals.


“If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be” – Maya Angelou


We get to live in a time where we can utilise social media as a tool, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do for you, using state of the art software, a keen eye and a willingness to succeed and do whatever we can to help your business grow.


What to expect with The Social Planner

  • Made to measure cover image with text

  • Made to measure profile picture

  • Well thought through USP based page descriptions

  • Up to date URL links

  • Regular posts, including video and static imagery, with options for more

  • Uniquely produced content


We live and breathe your business. We visit your location often to feel the vibe and energy that your customers’ experience. 


We craft Unique Selling Point strategies that are harmonised with your packages, using the way you think and speak to portray your message in your terms


Our industry know-how and local knowledge will enable us to increase brand awareness for your business


We love to build 'Social' communities


Our Best-in-Class Reputation Management processes and guidance will help you to keep on top and fully engaged with your audience 


We will work collaboratively with you to produce unique content, perfect aligned with brand

Event Planning and Attendance:

We know that event planning takes up a HUGE amount of your time and comes with a lot of responsibility, which is why we’re happy to take this off your hands.


If you’ve got an event to run, be it corporate hospitality, an open day or even a staff day out, you can leave the planning and detail to us here.

You tell us how you want it to look and we’ll do the rest.

Trade Shows

Do you find yourself wishing that you could attend a trade show or expo but you’re either too busy, don’t have enough staff, it’s too far away or you don’t know where to start?

We’re here to help with all of that.


We can organise, set up and even attend the shows that you’re not able to. We essentially become an extra member of your team for the duration of the event.

We would love the opportunity to talk to you about any of the above and more.



Phone Number: 07833 251981

Email Address:

Name: Jade Scott

Location: Plymouth, Devon

Services: Social Media, Event Planning, Content Creation, Strategy, SEO, Websute Design and Management