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WhaT is Building Brands?

Building Brands is a community for marketing professionals living in Devon and Cornwall, and the wider South West of England.

It was initially set up to run a marketing conference in Devon and Cornwall.But with the onset of COVID-19, the conference had to be postponed, and typically, the day we had to take the decision to postpone, was the day we also sold out of tickets - over 220 sold! 


But this allowed us some time and space to sit back and think more about the community we were building. What else did members need and want? How else could we help? Safe to say, things have moved on a little bit since then! We now produce a quarterly magazine, regular email newsletters and we’ve started putting together plans for running a number of engaging and educational events each year, alongside the conference. And now, we've added the DIRECTORY- a listing of companies and people in the area that marketing professionals might need. Looking for a PR agency - we have lots! Need someone to look after SEO on your website? Check the directory! 

So what are the aims OF bb?
  • To build a community for marketing professionals in the South West, with an emphasis on Devon and Cornwall in particular,

  • We want to help keep more work in the area and promote the talents and skills of those working in the industry,

  • We want to run events that are enjoyable, informative and educational.

Building Brands presents


Date to be announced soon

Our MARKETING events are currently on hold

We certainly don’t need to tell you how big an impact COVID-19 has had. Events across the world have had to take an enforced break. But we'll be back, just as soon as we can be. 

A lot of organisations are taking their events online and while we’ve thought about it, we’ve taken the decision to wait until we’re allowed to meet up in person. We just think that you’re going to get a lot more out of it by coming along and meeting people face to face. Relationships are near impossible to build over Zoom.


Hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer.

Marketing Conference

We'll be returning just as soon as we can with our headline marketing conference. We'll feature some fantastic, engaging speakers, and we'll also hope to be putting on some morning workshops as well. We'll let you know just as soon as we can get this back on track. 


Along with the marketing conferences and meet ups, we’d really like to run a few workshops during the year too. We’re looking into running workshops tackling Google Analytics, SEO and one or two other topics. And we've got some really good ideas about how we can make these really useful and incredibly interactive. 


We commit to you that we will always keep the costs of attending our events as low as possible. Our marketing events are not being run in order to make money. They're being run to provide you with the best experience possible, at a cost that's very affordable. 

One bonus of keeping the costs low, is that it opens it up the opportunity for whole marketing teams to attend, rather than just one person. Team members often pick up different messages and hear different points of emphasis, even when they're listening to the same speaker. And we hope you;ll agree that these events will also prove invaluable for younger team members’ career development.


We'll be updating this as soon as we have news on our events restarting. 

Other MARKETING Events

There are loads of other great marketing events around. Here are just some: 

Digital Gaggle is run by Noisy Little Monkey in Bristol. They have some fantastic speakers, and put together a 5* event. Definitely worth attending. Find out more by CLICKING HERE.

Optix Solutions also run an annual Digital Trends Seminar, where they summarise the latest trends in digital, things to watch out for and run workshops on current topics. You can find out more by CLICKING HERE. 


We’ve published a number of magazines packed full with articles written by marketing professionals across the region. We're now changing things a little bit, and will be featuring their articles on our blog. You can find this here.

Meanwhile, have a look through our back catalog of magazines by clicking and downloading them below. 

June 2020 cover.png

June 2020

The Lockdown Issue

June's edition was the first edition that we published. It went very well and was well received by readers. Great articles by great people!


September 2020

The Branding Issue

Some fascinating articles as lockdown started to relax a little. We're really lucky to have some superb writers!

cover dec.png

December 2020

The Positivity Issue

December's edition featured some of our best writers in the area along with a special feature from a leading social media scheduler - ContentCal

We currently have a lot of people offering to write articles for the magazine. But if you’d be interested in submitting an article as well, by all means, get in touch here: dave.briggs@building-brands.co.uk, and we’ll have a chat!


Every other Friday, we produce an email newsletter that's automatically sent out to members. 

Here we highlight some interesting and useful articles, keep you up to speed on the latest news from Building Brands and our favourite people, and wherever possible, direct you to marketing jobs being advertised throughout the area. 

The newsletters (nearly) always get some great feedback, and are a great way of keeping you up to date with what's going on. 

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