Bringing marketing professionals together from across Devon and Cornwall.

The Conference is back!

To begin with, Building Brands' best-known event will be The Conference. But there are already plans in place to start building the number of events that will be running across the region.  

And while the events have been on hold due to COVID, we're delighted to announce that The Conference is back, and will happen on May 25th this year! 

I've felt like Arnold Schwarzenegger until recently, constantly promising people that The Conference will be back... and now it is! 

I've resisted the temptation to have The Conference happen online - I just don't think it would work for anyone. It's worth the wait until we can meet in person. The Conference is all about helping to introduce and connect people.  And that's virtually impossible when you're having to do it online. 


So, click the link below for more information about this May's Conference! 

Building Brands - The Conference

The conference is the opportunity to bring marketing people from across Devon and Cornwall together. I don't know about you, but I'm fed up with having to travel long distances in order to attend events. The Conference means you won't have to do that anymore - We'll have the experts come to you! 

I really want those of you coming to The Conference to thoroughly enjoy it. I'll have partners there exhibiting, there'll be opportunities for you to meet each other and perhaps even help each other out a bit. And ticket holders will get to hear from incredible speakers throughout the day. 

Along with the keynote speakers in the afternoon, I'm introducing workshops in the morning. So you'll get vital information from the workshop leaders and the opportunity to ask the questions that you really want answers to!

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Buy tickets and find out more

So here it is! Click the link below to visit The Conference hub, find out more about what will be happening, who's talking, who else will be there, and how to book tickets. I really can't wait to welcome you to The Conference on May 25th!