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Dave Briggs, Founder of Building Brands

About Building Brands

Building Brands is a community for marketing professionals living in Devon and Cornwall, and the wider South West of England.

It was initially set up to run a marketing conference in Devon and Cornwall. But with the onset of COVID-19, the conference had to be postponed, with a promise to return whenever it was safe and people were happy to attend.


This allowed me some time and space to sit back and think more about the community that I was building. What else did members need and want? How else could I help? Safe to say, things have moved on a little bit since then!

I now produce a quarterly magazine, regular email newsletters and I’ve started putting together plans for running a number of engaging and educational events each year, alongside the conference. And recently, I've added the DIRECTORY - a listing of companies and people in the area that marketing professionals might need. Looking for a PR agency - I've got details of lots! Need someone to look after SEO on your website? Check the directory! 

The aims

  • To build a community for marketing professionals in the South West, with an emphasis on Devon and Cornwall in particular,

  • I want to help keep more work in the area and promote the talents and skills of those working in the industry,

  • I want to run events that are enjoyable, informative and educational.

Building Brands is here to help

Building Brands is essentially here to help marketing people across the region. It's not here to make money, it's not here to push people into buying something. Wherever possible, everything that I do will be free. Where I need to charge for something, it will be at the lowest price possible.

Building Brands is here because there are a lot of people working in marketing across Devon and Cornwall who either work in isolation or in small teams. I want to help connect them to others, so they have people to bounce ideas off of, to ask for help with something, or to get referrals or recommendations for people or agencies to use.


At the same time, and when it comes to the events and the newsletter especially, I want to put genuine experts in front of you who can truly help you to do your job better. 

If there's anything specific that I can do to help, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Click the button below.